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The Wine Maker - Derrick Power

"I personally prefer fruit wines because they appeal to everyone, the public does not have to be an expert wine connoisseur to know what they like, and it feels good to know that I am creating a wine that is used at so many events and parties filled with the joy of friends and family. Seeing the smiles on the faces when they taste the wines is such a reward.

There are now a few things in the works, I am interested in creating mead, kiwi wine, and possibly a currant, or flower wine. I would also like to develop an Iced Strawberry Dessert Wine. My personal favourite wines would be the White Cranberry, and the Fortified Blueberry."

Derrick Power - Winemaker


Derrick was born in Hamilton Ontario, yet he truly consider BC his home. At a very young age his family moved to Northern BC, where he spent most of his childhood. Family was always an important part of his life, his mother being French-Canadian and his father being from Newfoundland meant large family gatherings filled with food, drink, and laughter. The Power family then moved to Vancouver Island during his teen years and after graduation he decided to venture out on his own and began working in construction full time.

It was during this time that Derrick helped construct the building that now houses The Fort Wine Company. Talking with Dominic Rivard, the winemaker at The Fort Wine Company, got him interested in the idea of a winery. He started working in the winery store front. Eventually he began to work more with Dominic and less in the store taking on more of the winemaking responsibilities all the while studying under Dominic and going to school. Dominic was an excellent teacher, being a very respected winemaker himself he was willing to share a wealth of knowledge guiding Derrick at every turn.


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